Compassionate Youthful Voters Are Becoming America’s Most Hunted Game, It’s A Damn Serious Problem

My birthday is today, May 29th. Most people love their birthday. Most of us cherish our birth month. I’m really glad May’s about to be over though. No, it’s not because birthdays now signify youth being further and further back in my historical ‘rear view mirror.’ It’s because there has been incessant news about pro-palestinian demonstrators getting arrested, having their diplomas taken away or getting expelled. I guess that’s not as bad as getting assaulted and watching some of their assailants going free or getting praised by some scum bag politician or misanthrope with an axe to grind in regards to class or age based warfare. That’s only after news that’s been in cycles for the past several years of attempts at college aged and just graduated voters in their twenties toward being blocked at the poles, or mocked on some echo chamber for their passion in altruism. Again, is all behavior on some college campus condoned. Absolutely not. Here in Alabama, it even comes from the current Democratic Party at times. Yes, the older traditionalists of America’s conservative movement are not the only one’s insecure of social upheaval. Driving this point home, it’s a known fact that some ‘Gen Z’ and ‘Millenial’ Republican voters are more geared toward seeing climate change as the serious issue it should be. A stark contrasts to older citizens who vote Republican.

In junior high, I played football for Gadsden, Alabama’s, now abolished, Disque Middle School. Also know as old Gadsden High School’s JV. Etowah High School in Attalla, AL. was one of Gadsden High’s biggest rivals. Therefore, Etowah Middle School was one of Disque’s most intense opponents. We played them at their field in the old Jim Glover Field about the middle of the season. We lost! Our coach went berserk! He got so worked up, he called Etowah’s coach and demanded a rematch. Etowah’s coach obliged! Our coach got on the load speaker during home room announcements two weeks later and promised a Gadsden High JV victory. WE LOST AGAIN! He, we, were humiliated in all of the community that fall. I’ll never get another chance to beat the Etowah High School Blue Devils JV football program. Youthful voters, all of these older voters who deride you for caring about the world around you and want to punish you for it. They will die off soon. Don’t let it be a paradigm where they die leaving you stuck with leadership setting policy you know is not best for you and the world around you. Where they are then gone and don’t have to clean up the mess they left behind. Where they can gloat for all time where ever the hell they end up. Because, it’s a bad feeling to know you can never equate a record for a lifetime against an opponent. My football example is trivial compared to what ‘Gen Z’ and ‘Millenial’ voters and activists are facing. Yet, it’s the only one I have to go on as an illustration. Young voters, it’s your time to go to the poles and win now! Let the older voters who resent your movement be the ones going away with a loss. Because, right now in America youthful compassionate constituents have the greatest target on their backs. They are our nation’s ‘most hunted.’ That’s shameful, because it’s not susposed to be that way. Those with life experiences should extend grace and encouragement. That’s why an ‘ass whipping’ is in store. Give it to them this fall!

* PSST – GenZ, Millenial compassionate voters! Remember David Hogg? Survivor of the ‘Parkland’ shootings. He has started a fantastic non profit called Leaders We Deserve. It seeks to drive out your age group’s vote and to spur your generation to run for office.


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