Government Shut Down A Real Time Example Of Why Candidate & Constituent Vetting Is Even More Important In State Wide Elections

During his time as president George Washington took a saucer blew into it similating a cooling effect and stated: ‘The Senate has long been touted as the saucer that cools the hot tea sent over from the House.’  And we’ve seen some nutty Senators over the years.  Yet, now his analogy was prescient.  U.S. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, is hamstrung by the nut cake faction of his party, which is the real reason for the gridlock causing the federal government to cease operation within days. YouTube podcaster, Beau of The Fifth Column’ produced an excellent analysis of how the Senate, with all of it’s warts, is the only elixir to the supreme dysfunction coming out of the House, for this current issue.  Next, year voters hopefully will be that.

In summary, he stated that the U.S. Senate has passed a resolution quickly scaled down and non partisan to keep the federal government awake.  Tragically, it has to be vetted through the House. His observation being that the reason they could come to a compromise compared to their coworkers across the halls of the Capitol building was because of the sophomoric, unprofessional and selfish conduct of extreme elements in the House of Representatives. Those in the Senate were able to put aside their differences and act mature. They were doing exactly how ‘ole George’ predicted in hope they’d do. Personally, his is the most concise I’ve yet to hear. May be the most correct anyone will hear.

Reader, here is the takeaway. You need to obviously make sure your candidates concerning statewide races are: meticulous, sober minded, moderately minded and are more reasonable over emotional in personality. There are some districts out there in America where some voters are so hateful, or organically, mentally challenged that they are incapable of voting for anyone capable of wiping their butt. Much less producing, recognizing and voting on sound policy. There have been times I’ve thought………………is the U.S. Senate, in all of it’s ‘stuffy’ boredom, really necessary.  This dynamic proves it is right here!  Another example of how brilliant our founders were, not to mention, how from my perspective, they were divinely guided.  A belief I’m not alone in holding and one I’ll take to the grave with me.  So, how does this thesis affect me as a candidate? You may ask?  Easy, if you are only considering a district race, you better damn well understand your constituency!  If you live in a district where voters prefer to send a representative, in your name, to Montgomery or Washington who’s only objective is to ‘stick a middle finger up’ to rivals; you need to reconsider. It would be the time to contemplate a statewide race.  And I know it may mean more money raised, further miles traveled; yet it may also mean you have a better chance of winning. The reason being, you include population areas of greater affluence, education and moderation in thought, to ‘water down’ the extremes in pocket areas of a state. Ironically, what we are seeing play out up in Washington signifies the great thing about a democratic republic……………..the voters have the power.  That’s also the terrible thing about it…………………..the voters have  the power.  You better know your potential voters…………………….if they don’t look good…………YOU NEED TO FIND SOME NEW ONES

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