In An Election Year This Is The One Aspect Of Introspection You Must Consider

I may have have said it before.  I really don’t get mad at politicians like most people.  I get mad at voters or special interests groups………………the root of the issue. The forces who put politicians into leadership. That’s always been my personality, that being in always getting at the source of the problem. Realistically, politicians are an avatar of what a group of people want.  Most of the time I usually don’t see them as real.  Especially when they grandstand for attention to get reelected or to get notoriety for some book sale or t.v. interview.  I tend to look at my fellow citizens, those politicians bosses along with me, who aren’t disciplined enough to stop consuming talk radio, podcasts, Youtube channels and t.v. networks; with whom I get aggrevated.

Lately, I’ve been angry about how little knowledge the basic potential voter has concerning the influence ultra wealthy oligarchs here in America and in Russia have.  In the control they have in shaping narrative purveyed as propoganda in order to destabalize the most basic tenents of daily life in order to make their outcomes more prominent or themselves more wealthy and controlling. This time I know my anger is legitimate and damn well necessary. Sometimes, my anger is based off of slightly ignorant perspectives being held in not knowing facts. Not this time concerning this issue!

Monday morning, two weeks ago, that anger turned to absolution, yet a dark type of absolution.  A movement of libertarians want to put forth a program in the executive office if their candidate wins where most all government institutions designed to curb corruption are gutted. It’s called Project 2025. In other words a political theory promoting no oversight and guard rails for buffering against: pollution, consumer protection in regards to public safety, health and financial dynamics and violent criminal acts against freedom of speech and the right to assemble and protest peacefully.

In my mind I went back to four years ago when the pandemic was at its surge.  I remember then having inner dialogue where I told a friend or fellow congregation member I would not be helping them with their hospital bill because they not only voted against affordable healthcare, they also mocked it as ‘socialist.’  They mocked disease mitigation mandates like vaccines, masks and social distancing. I had this inner exchange where I’d state that they needed to die in peace away from me due to simply reaping the just deserts of their actions.   Of course being Christian, a veil of humanity and decency would hold that dialogue in check as it was only a conversation I’d say to myself…………considering it too inhumane and wicked if stated aloud in a real life scenario.  Four years ago I learned of a cousin who died of Covid…………………….after she had ‘defriended’ me and derided my more progressive viewpoints on social media.

Altruistic reader, these types of gut-wrenching scenarios are something you are going to be faced with if certain forces in our country and overseas get what they desire on November 5th of this year. It may not be often, God forbid it is, and it may not be immediate, but if the selfish, libertarian type thinking seeps into daily life as it’s seeking to do; those very people who promoted or trivialized it, not knowing it’s social dangers, could be punished.  It may come in the form of a financial crises caused by a healthcare issue, or theft from well monied, corporate interests, yet it will happen.  Policies don’t matter until they do to a lot of misinformed or disengaged citizens.  That’s where the hard question confronts us who are benevolent and want to help our fellow citizens by prevention of unchecked late stage capitalism at the polls. Because, I keep going back and forth in my mind, when someone who doesn’t see the issue this way cries out in agony, due to the choices they made at the polls; have I absolved myself from heading their call?   Never knowing that demarcation line between being seen as “angelic” or “demonic.”  If I’m seen as ‘demonic’ would I take pride in saying I told you so? Would I show resolve and help? That’s the conclusion I haven’t come to yet.  I don’t think I ever will!



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