New Special Mastered Redistricted Congressional Two’s Potential Will Get Squandered By Joe Reed reported in October that the Alabama Democratic Black Caucus was finalizing a fourth map for Congressional District # 2.  One they believe best fits the interest of black voters.  As a caucasian, Alabamian it makes sense to me that, that arm of the party should be the one Special Master, Richard Allen needs to consider.  If I was heavily involved with the ADP that’s the group I’d advise  Mr. Allen to consider over others.  For they have the most at stake.  They understand needs best. Yet, I wouldn’t!  The reason is one man – Joe Reed!  For those of you too dark of a shade of red, or living outside of the state to care or know, he is the single reason the Alabama Democratic Party is in a proverbial coma, sifting away a resource in young voters that could help move the state forward by potentially gaining their support and involvement with the ADP.  His sheninanigans in May at a statewide party meeting ostrasized major factions of the state’s other minority caucuses by basically disabling their voting shares within the ADP.  That was after he tried to lock them outside before the meeting with a deranged pay wall. The same man who had his name taken down on buildings on the campus of Alabama State University for bickering with campus movers and shakers.  The same man who continues to accuse other democrats in state of working in cahoots against him due to racially motivated bias. The same person who comes across as more and more senile with each interview on Josh Moon and team’s podcasts. The same problem a portion of other blacks in the state can’t stand. All in the name of: “making sure the days are gone when black citizens are water boys and girls for all the white candidates in the ADP.”  The same cancer who still believes the party is peppered with ‘Dixiecrats.’  Yes, those types of elements are still in the state; they always will be.  But, they ain’t in the Democratic Party here in Alabama or really anywhere in America for that matter.

However District # 2 ends up being drawn it will be a ‘wild west’ frontier type dynamic for a couple of congressional cycles.  It will be where the Joe Reed faction will conjure up candidates, the other factions of the ADP will produce theirs, and the Alabama GOP could feast on the carnage with a moderate candidate who could take in conservative black voters possibly winning.  Because of Joe’s pride and incompetence he could absolutely squander this opportunity back into the hands of the GOP if they present a sensible candidate. And that would be the great irony of this ‘wild south’ scenario: The GOP keeps a seat ethically, they unethically tried to keep because of a former civil rights stalwart who shoots himself in the foot during the ‘high noon’ duel of the 2024 & 2026 cycles.   Humiliating himself again on the greatest of stages he always deemed would be his lifetime work’s accomplishment. And that could be how the west, er the south of Alabama Distric # 2 is won…………………….by the Alabama GOP yet again! This time they didn’t need a proverbial gun. Because the Democratic Black Caucus shot their horse out from under themselves (white democrats) and shot themselves in the foot again. With the bullet being Joe Reed.

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