Practice This ‘Personal Culture’ Perspective Before You Even Become A Candidate

I hate it that I do my best thinking when I wake up at night to go to the bathroom and get back into bed knowing I can’t go back to sleep. Knowing I can’t share my ideas with anyone. Because of the modern world we live in, one where people: are depressed, hopeless, burned out by a feeling that everyone else is too caught up in themselves to care about anyone else and starting to tune out even emotionally. If you start having “no holds barred charisma” you will be attractive to healthy people. Be tactful and diplomatic when possible but state your convictions and don’t deviate from them even if they are not received well. Be cheerful and look people in the eye, most importantly those who want to reject you. If they seek to reject you, mock them in a playful way. Don’t let a burned out and depressed world around you set your emotional tone. You set that tone yourself!

There is a coffee shop in town I’ve started frequenting for about a year. Which has an attractive barista all the guys love. On the days I happen to order something when she’s there, her tip jar is filled to a ridiculous amount compared to the other staff’s. I make sure if I do tip to tip every staff in equal amounts and with equal frequency. Some days I don’t tip her to purposely not perpetuate the madness going on around the issue. The problem her beauty creates is that there is all of this tension in the air as soon as you walk into the cafe on those days she works. She can sense guys are there for her and it makes her uneasy. She’s got a boyfriend and it creates a tremendous amount of cognitive dissonance on her part. Sexually frustrated men play off of her timid, cautious attitude and take on her quiet and awkward demeanor, as they approach the counter to order. It’s like a funeral almost. It’s really tragic. It’s amazing psychology to watch this play out every time I patronize. I love arriving and brightening up the atmosphere on those days by joking with her and any other staff and patron there. The days she’s not there, it feels as if the sun has come back out and a significant amount of air has left the place. The place seems less hectic and people are smiling more and carrying on more jovial conversations. She, all those guys who work for her attention and those other patrons don’t deserve that at all.

Yet, those guys who fret over her can’t find the charisma to break out of it and make it a playful situation. A hopeful situation. You see, this example is so important because people now a days are dying for hope. Looking for someone to make their lives feel like things will work out alright. Someone who can get us back to those times where people went to each other’s homes and gathered in significan amounts for parties and supper clubs. Someone who tells the internet to go trash itself, so they can go out and woo the opposite sex in a playful and romantic way in person. Someone who mocks modern convention of interacting only on a computer, getting ignored by an indifferent world, getting dillusioned, being segregated from other people most of the day, becoming depressed and addicted to drugs, food, news, pornography or who knows what the hell else. They are looking for someone charismatic to brighten up their lives emotionally. If you see a need in the world for more of these types of people, you become that person………….you better believe it will serve you well if you decide to run for office! That being if all other things are equal!


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