Reexamining Our Culture’s Assault On American Men

Concerning my fourth article posted here, I was satisfied with my commentary on how young men are becoming violent, depressed and problematic to society due to a ‘darwinian’ reality in our dating culture and dating apps.  After what I saw yesterday, I believe it is more than a thesis.  It is evidence.  Just yesterday, CNN had a newsfeed article in live chat with a commentator that showed up in my Youtube algorithm.  The title: AI Girlfriends Are Here & They’re Posing A Threat To A Generation Of Men. If you haven’t discovered by now, there is a new movement in how we relate to each other between genders.  It is that we don’t at all!  ‘Simulated romance’ started over in the far East half a decade ago.  I’m not privy to how it all works.  Whether or not these simulated women are now holograms who can lie in bed beside a man. I don’t believe it’s that far along.  I’m sure it’s getting there though.  I do know men can have them on their laptops and I believe they are working on apps to place them on smart phones.  I’d heard of ‘romance artificial intelligence’ but have kept it out of the periphery of my mind, thinking this was a horrible experiment for society.  I still believe it is.

From what you have read of this blog so far, you know how I despise comments sections on just about any platform.  Rightfully so,  They’re a ‘social landfill.’  Yet, against my better judgment yesterday I had to look and see what was being said from the CNN article.  I’m glad I did!  It was actually the right judgement call for that time, out of what would have normally been a wasteful decision.  I expected to see most comments about how odd the experience would be.  How disgusting and antisocial the men were who’d engage in such an experiment.  What I got out of at least fifty percent of the commentary was an excuse for men to use AI romantically.  That’s outright alarming!  What’s even more alarming was that its basis was not illegitimate.  The gist of most of their arguments were they realized we now lived in a modern dating culture where 80% of women were only choosing a ‘top’ 20% of what they deemed where the ‘most physically fit’ men out of our current dating pool. These are not random numbers either.  These ratios represent what several social scientists have indicated over the past 5 years or so. The comments concluded that: “who was it to judge these men for getting some emotional need met, after picky women had cast them aside.”  That in an outrageous and sickened society these men deserved no judgment from anyone in how they spent their private time.  Halfway through the comments, I started to agree with them.

Alabama, America; what this is a an epidemic of what I dub ‘denegration of manhood.’  It started with liberal, pseudo feminism in the 70’s and 80′.  There is a difference between that and what I call ‘healthy feminism’ where women are held in equal esteem to men as image bearers of God. ‘Pseudo feminism’ claims women are not only owed something for past grievances, they are now above men in social hierarchy and they can mistreat, disrespect and discard men after use.  And look, I absolutely agree that men did all of these things to women down through history and still do at times. Women have been treated atrociously in the past. God will not let that go in His ultimate seat of accoutability. I also  believe some ‘feminist’ movements were absolutely needed.  Yet, like anything that started with great intentions, it has become a movement that has overcompensated itself. Any activism altruistic becomes malignant when it no longer seeks equality but domination and ‘vengeful inequality.’ I began to see this manifested in the early 2000’s when it first started in Hollywood.  If you payed attention to script writing at that time, you saw most male characters in sitcoms as: bums, dupes, morons and lazy slugs who were constantly manipulated by their wives or  women in general as if they were the family pet for her to carry around on her leash. They were the butt of jokes when the female characters were alone in a scene. Gone were the days of shows like ‘Leave It To Beaver,’ where father hood was revered. Shows like ‘The Batchelor’ & ‘Batchelorette’ have also done great harm in how the sexes now see each other.  Children who watched those shows growing up are now adults and expect a man to come along who is: ultrawealthy, has model looks, is compliant to every ridiculous want and will always have a personality that ‘tantilizes’ the emotions knowing how to always push the right buttons psychologically. Boys grow into men now expecting women to have everything perfect with their physical appearance; but ultimately using her beauty to weaponize herself against men in general to hold out sex for only the most ‘socially acceptable men, in an ultimate form of counter hegemony.

Another common theme I saw in the comments were signifying dating apps as a culprit.  I absolutely could not agree more.  Having purchased memberships on some I can vouch for the ‘meat market’ mentality of most all them.  Yes, that includes ‘Christian’ ones as well. It’s also fact that some of the major ones like are owned by women.  I don’t doubt there are apps out there that highly favor women out of spite toward men.  Ironically, Tender, the top of the dating app ‘trash heap’ was started by two of the scummiest men in America; bent on mysoginistic principals, who created any app ever to be produced.  Even though I experienced a more healthy reality with botique in person matchmaking firms, those were also owned and managed mostly by women.  Even the ones I’d recommend, I’d still say they need a ‘man’s touch’ for matchmakers to understand what men need. In short, dating apps objectify and dehumanize people by setting up a paradigm where people ‘shop’ for other people based off of superficial qualities.  Men outnumber women on most all apps by 3:1 ratio at least. I still don’t know whether that is intentional or not, yet it’s a massive problem giving men a hopeless and false reality in how they should see their ability in being able to attract a mate.  Jordan Peterson, in his podcast, stated it was destabalizing society. I could not agree more.  I’ve never understood why they couldn’t have numbers quotas to equal things out? Alas, these apps could care less as they are raking in record profits. Sadly, the men’s complaints in the comments section became valid in real time for all the viewers eyes when a female participant stated:

‘Well, you men need to up your game and get wealth and then you wouldn’t need AI.’

What sick entitlement!  It made us wonder what she had to offer herself to even make such a statement.  I’m certain a robot would be much more intelligent……………….most likely better in coversation at a dinner table if technology got that advanced!  Also, there’s a whole cottage industry of ‘dating coaches’ out there ready to take a man’s hard earned money to show them ways to obtain a woman as if she is some mythological creature you need a secret password to uncode.  This nonsense seems harmless but it has to subconsciously bolster some women’s views of themselves in regards to their standing in dating hierarchies in an unrealistic way, while again giving the false idea men are already on some unequal footing comparatively before they even approach a woman. The last woman I met for a date didn’t have the ability to disappear and reappear like a ghost. I don’t believe she cast a mind control spell on me either……………..I think that was just the salsa talking as we ate Mexican!

Another paralyzing social movement, I did not know about, that was taking place and was being mentioned in the comments was that these 80% of women who were too selective; were now open to sharing the 20% ratio of men who were deemed most attractive, with other women. I suspect that means even married men!  So bent on superficial, ‘darwinian’ qualities that they would still ignore 80% of ‘average men’ to have an unsatisfactory ‘half’ relationship with what society perceives as the ‘top 20 %.’  This is sick and  God will absolutely judge this type of activity.  He may do so by allowing more ‘incel’ violence?    Although, I don’t know the mind of God and certainly hope it never comes to that.  But, you keep that type of social paradigm up and it absolutely destabalizes society!  As Christians and potential Christian legislators we now know why God does not condone fornication. He seeks to protects us from societal issues like the one discussed in this article.  This is the reason, he meant for one man and one women to practice sex within the confines of marriage alone.  Because, when a human being is not regarded as a cherished, image bearer of God that only the context of marriage can bring, then sexual activity becomes an animalistic urge; a proverbial itch which has to be scratched. When sex becomes a matter of transaction then those involved will do it for selfish reasons, seeking out superficial qualities in partner selection.

Reader, as a potential legislator it would be most beneficial to society to hold dating apps accountable. If I was in state office I’d require tremendous transparency with any app started in Alabama.  They’d be regulated and would be required to have a mechanism where members had to meet in person and offline. The ratio of men to women would have to be equal.  Any boutique face to face firm would have to show they had an equal number of men to women and they were committed to holding member’s membership for a lifetime until they were married, with the initial fee only.   I had one who gave me 12 ‘matches’  on a 12 month calendar and once those we’re up and I still had not found a good fit…………I had to potentially plop down a couple of more thousand dollars, to ‘purchase’ 12 more. The owner of once admitted they willfully mismatch people to keep them single in order for them to keep paying and perpetually feeling like they had to have a membership.  Of course, these days apps have up profiles which are not even real people anymore, manipulated by tech staff.  I’d work with Alabama’s federal reps on crafting bills to make it easier for individual and class action suits against dating apps. I’d punish pornography even more firmly and the havoc it has caused society.  I love art and once started a non profit that sought to recruit the film industry to Northeast Alabama.  As a state legislator, I’d only allow projects that portrayed men as cornerstones of society.  Any denegrating men or manhood would not be allowed within state lines.

In my lifetime I’d never thought I’d state that:  ‘Men are now hunted game in a landscape of toxic feminism (yes, there’s certainly toxic masculinity as well), sensuality, reimmergence of ‘social darwinism’ in pop sociology and undetered profit seeking.’  It’s time we as potential public servants, lent a hand!


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