Smorgas(bored) AIPAC, Canvassing & Political Exhaustion

I mostly got away from writing entries since it made me ‘brain strain’ before sifting through obnoxious, annoying and meanignless emails to take the time to submit.  Yes, even activists get lazy and disenchanted.  By now I was truly hoping to run out of ideas to give to you, world at large. Because collecting my thoughts and placing them into a workable thesis takes………….well work.  On the morning of the first presidential debate I just felt what I had to say was too important.  Even striking a deeper nerve than politics.  This is more social in nature, which is upstream from policy.   Policy’s (politics) parent.
What’s The Real Intent of Phone & Post Card Banking
For June I’ve done post card writing for Florida and phone banking for Nevada.  In April I did phone banking for Georgia.  The phone banking was to get out the vote for the Biden – Harris campaign.  In Georgia 20 calls were made through Slack and 20 more were made for Nevada on Tuesday afternoon for Nevada to watch tonight’s debate.  Post carding involved 100 post cards (you have to purchase the cards and stamps…..consider it a way to donate to a campaign indirectly)  with a Montgomery list comparing the virtue’s of the Biden Administration’s accomplishments vs. what a Trump administrations would give if he won. I especially enjoy postcarding, since I’m a task oriented person and you don’t get laughed at or hung up on when you do that.  Yet, I came away feeling used somewhat. With postcarding in Florida, it felt like it was to build more for future campaign cycles since everyone knows that Florida will most likely go for Trump in November.  I even brought this up with the activity’s facilitator and she stated something to the effect of ‘not listening to the pundits, that Florida was winnable.’  I told her to let me know when more winnable states were coming up later in the summer.  I wanted to have a tangible feeling of accomplishment if my guy won in November.
In regards to the phone banking there were features on the app that allowed you to classify the folks you called into several specifications.  Such as: language barrier issue, hang up, hostile, wrong number, no longer living in district/state, deceased and actively engaged in Democratic party.  This made it appear to me that our jobs were just about ‘sifting’ for future cycles for the Democratic National Committee as much as getting folks to watch Thursday night’s debate.  I’m alright with that……………yet, I wanted my impact to be more direct for this term and not for one two to four years down the road. Reader, these are the things you need to consider when you canvas for either the Democratic or Republican party.  Is what you are doing important, ABSOLUTELY! ?  Yet, you may be only indirectly soliciting the goal of your giving up your time to make a difference for that year’s election and THE candidate you hold dear.  So, canvas whether that be door to door (which is most effective) through mail outs or phone calls and texts.  Just make sure it is about getting out voters only for your candidates  during the present cycle.  Because otherwise there is money  and emotions you are sacrificing as you are constantly about to meet rejection or hostility for an hour or two.  But, when your candidate wins it can be a euphoric feeling.  I got to experience this in 2022 when I helped door to door canvas for Raphael Warnock in his victory over Herschel Walker.  We literally got to be a part of saving the U.S. Senate from catastrophy. That endeavor was what ‘We the people’ is all about.
AIPAC & Israeli – Palestinian Conflict May Make It Mathmatically Impossible For Democrats To Win In Future Cycles Alabama
The American Israel Public Affairs Committee states they are bi partisan in support of congressional candidates. I reviewed their website and who they support. I believe at least in technicality they are.  It’s known that many Jewish American’s lean progressive.  Even in Southern states.  A healthy portion of them have traditionally voted Democratic in the South, like their counterparts in the West, East and Midwest.  The atrocities brought on by Netanyahu’s regime and Israel’s legitimate defense of it’s homeland stands to potentially move well meaning and altrustics Jews in America toward the Republican party. If this happens in Alabama it is over for our state’s Democratic party. In other words there will be no real reason to even have a Democratic party in not only Alabama, but most any where in the South. This is an horrific, yet realistic possibility unless Netanyahu is taken out of office and more reasonable leadership in Israel cools the tensions over there.  Without Jewish participation in Southern Democratic groups it makes it a mathematical impossibility for a Democrat to ever win a state wide election in a deep South state. There just aren’t enough voters in a southern state electorate to pull off wins without Jewish participation.   It would be tragic also for Jewish voters to have to try to decide between a faction who was seen as anti-Israel vs. another who was anti-semitic.  Voters who have been a fantastic and altruistic voting block for candidates who stand for decency.
Jamaal Bowman’s large margin loss in New York’s 16th District has proven the power of dark money sifted Throught AIPAC against anyone who has compassion for innocent Palestinians and who has not ‘drunk the cool-aid’ of centrist and right wing media in regards to who is innocent and who is not.  ANSWER: both parties aren’t……………yet Netanyahu and his enablers deserve the lions share of fault in the matter and have been the gasoline to what tragically happened last October.  Out of arrogance and the lust for controlling other’s, AIPAC is now centering it’s attention on other ‘pro-life’ progressive ‘squad’ candidates like Cori Bush (Rep- MO) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.   Hopefully, AIPAC will lose those battles.  One thing of note, scum bag and far right billionaire venture capitalist Paul Singer (AKA The Vulture) is one of the Jewish American supporters pumping millions into AIPAC to defeat the ‘squad.’ AIPAC’s pathetic attempt at wanting wins vicariously may fracture more humane and altruistic Jews from the general population of Jewish America while fracturing the Democratic party.  With the Republican party’s fracture between the sane and insane, a fractured Democratic party would instill even more chaos into every day society, bared out by bad policy or no policy at all in congress.
In summary, it’s just your vintage campaign cycle in a nation where ultra wealthy, selfish, inhumane domestic and foreign individuals and special interests are trying to control our every day lives while not giving a damn about our values, hopes and aspirations for what we want for ourselves and those we leave behind; all on ‘dark money’ steroids. This due to some loser out of Indiana named James Bopp. A man too socially awkward to run for office himself who wanted to win vicariously in politics by forming Citizen’s United, with the outcome being corporations can designate themselves as ‘people’ so they can pump hidden money into campaigns and call it ‘freedom of speech.’  While pockets of pro democracy Americans are fighting back any way they can with limited resources compared to our opponents.  Even if I like our chances……………..I do more than I did two months ago.  Like so many others…………….I may be too emotionally spent to celebrate come November.  Reader…………put in your time to save democracy through this summer with donating, canvassing and the like. But, take a vacation in September and get away from all of it as by then the proverbial ‘hay will be in the barn.’  Afterward, just stay away from it all until the mid terms.  Heaven knows we’ve all certainly earned a vacation!
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