So You Lost A Campaign- Here’s How To Handle Instigators

Even now as I’m a few years out from ever running for office, I still go over in my mind how I’d react to trolling if I were to lose a campaign.  Candidate, it will happen.  You will get trolled after a loss.  For every ‘well wish’ and pat on the back, you’ll get mockery and even threats.  I always had this humorous vision of myself going to someone’s front door and flattening their nose after reading a desirive comment after a tough lose.  The reason being I don’t consider myself a violent person, I live well with in the confines of the law.  It’s just that from an emotional perspective, I feel I’d have license to have such a mindset because it would be catharthic.  I’d need to vent and they would deserve such a result. If you are running for office I certainly wouldn’t encourage you to promote physical violence, unless someone physically menaces you are your family. With that being stated, I absolutely permit you to give a grand ‘come upance’ to anyone wanting to hassle you after a tough loss.  There is trolling though, that is more hidden, yet invasive, that you’d need to pay special attention to.
People who suffer from mental issues spewing hate online are easy to spot and dismiss at times.  The real challenge will be those who claim they support you, yet have never wanted your light to be brighter than their’s. The reality is many will be family, ‘friends’ or people in your congregation. They are the ones who voted against you and secretly wanted you to lose because your political milieu is in opposition and they wish they were in your position. A common expression you may here from them could be:
                  “Nice try!  You gave it a valiant effort even though you were not cut out for
                 it.   I think so and so was a better fit, but good effort.  You may be better at
                this or that, I can introduce you to whoever.”
Here’s is why they act this way.  They are relieved they don’t have to live in the reality that you will shine brighter than them, yet they are feeling guilty for purveying negativity and possibly contributing to your lose in minute way by voting against you.  So, to feel potent they will attempt to throw you an emotional equivalent of a consolation prize, to feel they are now controlling you and so becoming ‘even’ in status.   Candidate, this is the type of person I encourage you to channel all of your frustration out of at the moment.  They deserve it and your life will never be at a loss for leaving them behind for good at that moment. Here is what I’d say:
              You know, you are only partially correct!  My effort was a valiant effort.  No 
              matter how low I feel right now, I see that I had the courage to try.  I could be
              much like you in that I live vicariously through other’s accomplishments never
              having the talent or courage to shine my brightest. I could be that person 
              perpetually sitting on the sidelines too scared to get into the game.  I could have
              lived a life in nondescript desperation where nothing I did ever really mattered
              and adopted a culture of bitterness and negativity because of it.  You know, after
              seeing my life and where it is going, I realize now by seeing your example that
              I could be much lower on the social totem pole.  Thanks for cheering me up.  And
              this may be the last thing we ever say to each other.  I appreciate the meaning of 
Now, notice I stated something about a social ‘totem pole.’  Reader, please do not adopt this social construct which is from the pits of hell.  God is the only thing that matters in the end.  People made in His image never have to bow to a construct which is passing away and was never legitimate from the start. Yet, use this term on the verbal battle field as it is the paradigm in how trolls see the world.  They love labeling people and placing them in boxes.  Don’t condone social hierarchies, but use them against those that do in key moments.  This type of tool stops them in their tracts.
Candidate, here’s hoping for an election result aways favorable to your hard work, integrity and committment.  Just be ready in the event it doesn’t go your way.  The battle you’ll face afterward will be as hard as the one you just finished.
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