That New Societal Pattern Indicative Of A Hard To Convince Electorate

Three and a half years ago, I got into a physical altercation with someone at a Winn-Dixie during the middle of the pandemic due to the ‘masking’ culture war. I expressed my displeasure at people who were not considerate enough to mask up or keep social distancing guideliness if they didn’t have one on in public. Someone not wearing a mask got up behind me in the check out line and overhead my analysis to the cashier, concerning the type of drek inconsiderate enough of others. They heard me and challenged me to wait outside. Like a fool, I did and earned a hard court case when I had to press charges for assault and battery against me. After taking a good ‘head drubbing’ I headlock the perp to keep him from escaping to give the police time to get to us, as he fell to the ground, while trying to escape my grasp. A year earlier I’d happen to report the police to the Justice Department in that same municipality for harassment over a ‘Karen’ call placed against me, while I was nowhere at the seen of where I was accussed of being. Apparently, their magistrate took the matter to heart, even though their conduct was corrupt. She not only tried to convince me not to press charges by threatening charges against me, but, I believe spoke to the defending party about pressing charges against me. The case was eventually thrown out by both parties, yet it taught me a valuable lesson about modern society.

You can forget about a segment of our population being reasonable and just in our modern times. Sure, I had been rightfully critical of the police department who ultimately had to receive my charges against the perp. Yet, they were obligated to still act in a professional and just manner on the situation. Afterall, the perp at the supermarket initiated physical contact which legally meant I was free to physically engage anyway I was obligated to, to get the best legal results to sway my situation toward safety or a judicially productive outcome in my favor. Yet, their magistrate attempted to coerce me into not pressing charges simply because of personal reasons. They even worked behind the scenes with the prosecuting attorney to charge me with something. They did in fact. I stood my ground in court and pleaded innocent. It worked as the defendent folded and coerced his attorney to beg me into thowing out the case.

Candidate, there is a chance you can do everything right on the campaign trail by being super altruistic, informed about solutions, fair minded, articulate and winsome and still come up short against an inferior opponent. We don’t live in times anymore where people have the ability to think clearly on matters. Gone are the days of character, maturity and reason. In it’s place is stupidity, superficiality, selfishness, paranoia and being unjust and unreasonable. There still are people out there who see the world the decent way. They congregate in greater numbers in large metro areas. Yet, even before we talk about how our nation is ‘going to pot’ politically, it starts with society. Society is the first barometer of politics and things are looking worse in increments of decades. Be sure to give yourself the gift of reality if you lose an election in that it is NOT AT ALL a statement on your ability to lead!


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