That One Lie I’ll Overlook From Looney Conspiracy Theoriest Yet Never From Public Servants

I hate it, yet can tolerate it when rank and file voters claim that the 2020 election was tainted with intentional voter irregularities.  When I hear it from what I believe to be people who are suffering from some type of disability,  it passes me by concerning how I deem it important to my psychological equilibrium.  When I hear public servants state it who are in office or are trying to get elected, that’s another matter.  I worked the polls in 2020.  I knew the people who worked them with me.  They are those of integrity.  I’m most certainly an individual of truth…………… the point people say I may not have a filter.  Public servant, as YOUR BOSS, I take incredible exeption to you perpetuating this lie.  Some of you even claim to be Christian. I know you had to do it for expediency. I know that whether or not you got elected or stayed in office your intent hung in the balance concerning the matter. I know someone leading the nation at that time depended on you taking up falsehood. I hope some of you were sickened when you got home from the statehouse or capital hill or off of the campaign trail, and sat alone in bed to collect your thoughts.

I remember meticulously reviewing the ballots 2-3 three times at Meadow Brook Baptist Church in Gadsden, AL., that electrified November Tuesday, three years ago.  I remember wearing a mask almost the entire day still being able to allude a deadly disease.  One of the other things I was proud of doing that year.  I remember the amazing chicken fingers we had because an experienced poll worker gave it as a kind gesture to all of us ‘junior pollsters.’ I remember the amazing civic engagement I saw in some high school students who worked with me (yeah sure, that got class credit, yet no one forced them to do it). MOST OF ALL I REMEMBER A SHERIFF COMING IN TO WATCH EVERY DETAILED MOVE WE MADE TO MAKE SURE EVERYTHING WAS VIRTUOUS! HOW WE HAD TO HAND HIM THE BALLOTS THERE IN REAL TIME.  HOW HE SEALED THEM AND WE WATCHED HIM DO IT!  And this is Alabama!  I bet wealthier states had even more meticulous apparatus built in at polling locations. Fox News will now tell you they believe it was an honest election.  They just did so earlier this year when they offered 3/4 of a billion dollar settlement to a ballot machine company.  So, on behalf of those who were my fellow heroes on that evening………………we never want to hear that type of thing again!

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