That One Phrase To Use Against Online Hate Trolls Which Works Everytime

This past summer I took a course from the University of Tennessee’s Center For Professional Education and Lifelong Learning, Achieving Success With Difficult People. It was a course concerning more about office dynamics and the different personalities you may encounter at work. Yet, it can be translated to life in general. There was a section about the ‘complainer.’ The psychologist who had formulated the class believed that these people behaved the way they did because they felt powerless and overwhelmed by the world. Concerning computer culture this category would include most online trolls.

Candidate, understand that people initiate conflict for assorted reasons such as they may suffer from: autism (a high percentage are alt- right trolling comes out of this community) general retardation and brain damage or certain forms of mental illness or personality disorder. This is why a sound emphasis on mental health if you make it to office is paramount. There must be a fine line with dealing with these types firmly yet portraying a level of mercy. Generally speaking from a personality and none mental handicap perspective, they are people who are sick of feeling rejected, taken advantage of and generally feeling powerless over their environment. To them, being assertive online, where their identity is hidden; is their way of ‘getting back’ at an injustice or slight they perceive against the outside world. They are usually people who come from low I.Q., low economic or social status. I’ve hardly ever witnessed anyone with a lot of education, intelligence, income or social status trolling people. It’s always the ‘bottom feeders’ of society from a personality perspective or those with disability. As a candidate this is a significant issue you and your campaign team will have to face. If you are a nationally known brand it may be Russian actors.

Many people just ignore them and I’ve never thought this was the best idea. It’s better than letting them get you mad, yet it won’t stop the behavior. The best thing to do is to acknowledge their weakness or simply delete their comments. Some of their motivation is to get attention at your expense……………..your campaign’s vision is way too important for such an interruption. Don’t tolerate it! If you decide to engage them ( I love doing it because I’m so competitive) then verbalize the situation similar to this:

Listen, so and so, I know you are lashing out because you feel inadequate, scared or insignificant. I know that fear and insecurity is real. Some of us have felt it to. The difference in us though is that we display strength and discipline you don’t have, at least not yet, to over come that fear. It is my hope that you are able to find it. Come to my campaign ‘town hall’ meeting and I welcome you to speak to me in person. I will listen, I will make note of whether or not you were able to speak to me in person on here right under your comment. If you did not find the courage to attend I will publicize that as well.

The first part of this example is suggested by a few psychologists and sociologists. The last part is what I created to stop trolling, over petty skirmishes I’ve encountered on social media. It has worked 100% of the time for me in getting a reputation where trolls become fearful to post on my social media accounts. Of course it helps to post things more neutral if you are not on the campaign trail. Yet, when you are, you will have no choice but to post things about issues that bring out emotions in people. This is the most effective way, I’ve personally handled the matter. Have an outstanding political campaign whoever you may be! SET THE WORLD ON FIRE!



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