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Those Traits That Indicate Criminal Behavior Before It Happens In Candidates

Someone who once worked in our office was charged with theft last fall.  It caused me to consider the fact us who monitored her slothful disposition around the office shirking responsibility during August and September, saw it coming. I was doing my biweekly environmental audit of our property for the Alabama Department of Environmental Management and had time to really crystalize the issue and how it relates to voters being able to weed out ‘weasel candidates.’  This list of detrimental traits I hope is exhaustive enough to educate, you the voter, on who to keep out of office.  Remember, you are not only the boss as voter and taxpayers.  You are also, the ‘gatekeeper’ of democracy.  Reject candidates who are:

Trolls & Conflict Initiators:  These types are a dead giveaway involving ethics, emotional fortitude and even honesty issues.  Most every time I encounter someone who picks a fight with another citizen just for sport, later on I almost always hear a story about their misfortune in being fired, arrested, divorced or untimely passing, as many of these types even die earlier than other personality types.  It’s a paradigm I started noticing as an adult. My grandfather told my father a story I’ll never forget:  Before he was shipped overseas to fight in World War Two’s European theatre he had basic training with other cadets from his home state of Illinois.  He was a quiet farm boy from the rural southwestern section of the state  stationed with ‘rough necks’ from Chicago.  The boys from Chicago were full of bluster, arrogance and loved to start conflict during training.  When everyone arrived overseas and the bullets started flying those same city ‘rough necks’ were often found crying, hiding and quivering out of shock and fear during combat.  As he told my father, it was the farm boys from the middle, southern and western areas of the state who rose to the occassion out of bravery.  It were those who displayed a quiet confidence and minded their business during basic training.

Liars:  This one is rather obvious and unfortunately, double speak is the reason so many voters are ‘anti-government’ on pretty much anything.  Voter, you have good reason to feel this way.  You deserve integrity so demand it.  People who have a track record of dishonesty never serve the citizens they are suppose to represent well.

Attention Seekers:  Remember the story about Nanda, the hotel owner I spoke of from my hometown, in two other entries here?  These personality traits oftern align themselves with the ‘troll’ group.  Remember how Nanda was always going on and on about publishing every trivial detail of her life to anyone unfortunate enough to be exposed to it? Remember how she attempted to invade my private life for sport on behalf of her neighbor just for kicks without ever having met me before? These types are easy to spot.  Just take a look at their social media accounts.  Do they speak of themselves in most posts?  Or do they try to proclaim the merits of others?  When there is the required situation to introduce themselves to the world do they say too much or keep it short and to the point?

Smirkers: If you are like me you detest people who walk around and don’t say much but always have some smirk on their face as if they know something you don’t about yourself.  I had a college roomate who hated these personality types.  God, even mentions in Scripture how he detests them as well.  They are also high on my personal lists as far as aggravations. Therefore, I say it’s ‘open season’ on these types.  Enjoy being the ‘gate keeper’ on them.  Most everytime I encounter someone who acts like this I hear of how they folded like a tent when life came at them hard. These types never stand up to  pressure well at all. They seem to lose alot in life.

Cherry Pickers:  I remember when I was just out of college in the early 2000’s the hippy inspired game from earlier decades, ultimate frisbee, had made it’s way to the South as far as becoming popular.  It’s a game where you run down a field of play tossing a frisbee to teamates, but you have only three steps alotted to take once you catch the disk.  You are then required to pass it forward or backwards to a teammate so they can advance it. The goal is to advance it down the field over a goal line like in football.  There was this one pudgy kid, I’ll call ‘T’ who’d never hustle to play defense or get close enough to teamates offensively to be a ‘safety’ valve for them to pass to. He’d just run ahead, stand in the endzone and hope to catch the points to get all of the glory.  In ‘ultimate frisbee’ lingo this is known as ‘cherry picking.’  People mocked and resented these types on the field of play.  Everytime, I see or hear the word ‘selfish’ it always conjures up images of ‘T’ in the endzone of play never making the effort but wanting all of the glory.  Candidates who put themselves first or are known as being greedy, especially if they have displayed that greed over citizens as corporate executives…………..HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING IN PUBLIC SERVICE!

Sloths:  People who sit on their duff and don’t want to put in an honest day’s work almost always end up on police blotters, in divorce court or rightfully being fired!  You don’t want Mr. or Miss ‘Sloth’ being your representative!

‘Tin Foil Hatters’:  Voters who matter, don’t want a nut in office who doesn’t accept reality for what it is.  Tragically, state and federal seats contain a few of these types.  And they are spreading like fire ants all through state and federal seats. It’s a testament to the sad state of particular voting bases in parts of America, and some media apparatus’ appetite for greed, along with internet addiction.  It’s why I believe critical thinking courses must be mandatory in public education and recommended in private education. But, then again such a concept won’t fit the narrative of the lunatic fringe who are trying to take over our country.  I’m fearful such a noble idea would get voted down in large swaths of America in our times.  It’s worth a try though!

Voter, do the little things and look out for these easy to spot ‘lack of character’ traits you may be able to discern before any future candidate files their paperwork.  You’d be ahead of the game if you did.


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