Today’s Forcast – Cold With A 30% Chance Of Laziness

I have no doubt about the possibility of danger in sub freezing temperatures. I am not minimizing the seriousness of road closings or icings.  When anyone’s life is in danger, I as an individual, take the matter seriously.  Yet, it never fails any time there is sub freezing weather or a potential for snow or sleet things close down.  It never seems to matter if roads are properly attended to, to melt anything, potentially being a hazard.  Or if governing agencies recommend that it’s safe to travel.  January’s, at least in the deep South, tend to bring out the worst in people.  Just like when summers do the same by bringing heat making violence, anger and crime go up.  Cold weather does the opposite.  It’s disappointingly not a snow maker down here but less than 10% of the time.  It’s an excuse maker 100% of the time, though!   People, get your butts out of bed and get to work.  The economy needs it.  Customer’s need it.  Your psychology needs it.  Those of you who showed up and made it a regular day.  Thank you for your service.  To demonstrate my praise, I’m here in my office and even outside at my company’s warehouse working hard to support customers.  Because I know they need money, so they can obtain necessities.  They say tommorow has a 90% chance of being warmer. I hope that means only a 10% chance of excuses.  Work ethic still matters and always will!

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