Two Unspoken Origins of The Violent Male Incel Culture

Every now and then the world witnesses the pinnacle of the proverbial iceberg of mysoginistic based violence metted out in public, as if it’s a script from some deranged teleplay. As investigations commence we later learn that the perpetrator had produced some manifesto about struggling with rejection from the opposite sex, finally becoming ‘uncorked.’

Like most anyone who was not getting married right out of college, I’d stumble across pop sociology/psychology magazines that contained titles like “Tall Order” Why Women Prefer Taller Men. Which happened to be at a time I was most vulnerable emotionally as I watched friends march down the isle. And it didn’t stop there! More fun was on the rack a month or two later at the local library with articles titled: “It’s Women Who Actually Select Mates” (as if we are chimps). Of course the article would go on to state how women from the beginning of the ‘big bang’ due to evolutionary survival of species seek out men subconsciously who appear most verile. For men it was women with wide hips and an ‘hour glass’ figure who were most likely to help produce most offspring. The 2000’s were a decade this liberal drivel bled out into society with more regularity with zero substance or really meaning. Yet, it’s impact subconsciously, could have had an outstanding effect on modern dating.

To the angst of all of us “regular guys and gals” after all I’m only 5’6, we were bombarded with the garbage notion of Darwinian ‘survival of the fittest.’ So many women who may not have had the most supple of breasts or widest of hips were exposed to a paradigm of constant comparison. Men without the most athletic physique or longest legs were under the same ‘laws.’ In unmerited low self-esteem due to modernistic and humanistic garbage, singles today are either seething toward violence or totally checking out of society all together due to a liberal and ungodly construct informing them they are unfit to play the most basic role of carrying on humanity. Being exposed to such concepts would infuriate the most logical and emotionally balanced among us. Imagine how it galvanizes the sick? Tomorrow we discuss how profiteering has made the issue worse.

Visit most any chat forum discussing modern dating and it takes only a second to determine online dating apps are reviled by most men. A few complaints from women may be sprinkled in here and there, yet, the vitriole comes from men; and for great reason! In most apps men outnumber women by a 3:1 ratio. I’ve admittedly used some myself throughout the years and here is what I’ve personally encountered:

  1. People blocking me even as I’d never even communicated with them as a ‘preemptive strike’ in the event I may speak to them, since I was not ‘their type.’
  2. Tech support staff posing as false accounts attempting to lure me into renewing a paid subscription.
  3. Tech support staff trying to manipulate what I wrote on my profile 10 years ago when I gave up and decided to post a humorous description mocking online dating by stating I owned a yatch and was worth billions of dollars.

This is just a small example of the banal insanity I encountered from other members and administrators just trying to find a sincere connection. It was also not uncommon for people I’d start communicating with place our communication into a ‘game show’ scenario where she’d ask a question and if I did not give a response about my interests or life goals the way she wanted I’d get immediately ‘ghosted’ in a ‘game over’ type of dynamic. I certainly never condone violence or harassment, yet can see how someone lonely and ‘down on their luck’ could become unglued exposed to scenarios like these. All the while being told they don’t add up as an ‘alpha male’ unless a certain type of person deems them suitable. Online app production firms are making billions of dollars off of people’s suffering. A few conservative podcast producers have rightly called out the issue as not only toxic but harmfully destabilizing to society. I’ve even witnessed, as have many others, that the qaulity and integrity apps are providing their customers are much less than a decade ago, even when then……….it was never a legitimate endeavor. Who’d ever thought humanity would ‘shop’ for other human beings like they do a pair of shoes. It’s sick!

Legislators, especially Godly ones, must punish and banish any iota of Darwinian theory from public schools. They must hold dating apps accountable under well crafted consumer protection laws. Because, as a society, we cannot have any more violence birthed out of an environment of rejection and isolation. We must in love protect students from false teaching and consumers, particulary if they are mentally vulnerable, from predatory ‘social connection’ apparatus. Ironically, I look around and see men of all body types with wives and families. I see women of all body types living their best lives. I just wish I could’ve demonstrated true reality to those now dead or in prison for violent acts brought on by a culture of hopelessness. I could’ve save some of ’em!

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