Watch Out For This Type Of Voter More Than Any Other

Candidate, remember a few weeks back when I talked about the two kinds of voters you must consider? There is also one you must look out for and rally more sensible ones to the polls to over come them. The reason being, they can be paralyzing to necessary change if left uncheck. Just last month, I was having dinner with some folks and we were talking about some traits of a good public servant. I mentioned something to the effect of: we are now a culture which is so emasculated that we too easily latch onto just about anyone to worship. I thought I’d naturally get confirmation from my observation with ‘um hums’ and head nods. Instead, I received a paltry, uneasy silence. As if they’d never considered such a perspective. Watch out for those ‘to the victors goes the spoils’ hierarchy folks. Those who believe everyone has a set station in life and that those who try to change their positions deserve scorn. Believe it or not, other than a self serving oligarch who stands to profit off of their intentional legislation; there are scores of people who are anti altruism who go against what’s even best for them. Here’s the psychology behind that! They either believe ‘falsely entitled people’ didn’t work hard enough or were not divinely appointed into a position of influence like those taking advantage of them, so they deserve less of the pie. Personally, I will say dynamic number one is a reality sometimes and a legitimate argument. I adhere to that at times. I strongly believe in personal responsibility in regards to how upwardly mobile someone gets to be. Especially these days when we have a whole generation who feels entitled to something with no effort on their part. Yet, dynamic number two is more nuanced and is based off of someones genetic psychological predisposition for security in hierarchy and order. What the ‘dynamic number two’ people might say is the common phrase of: so and so needs to stay in their lane. This is a mode of thinking that makes anyone with a healthy amount of self-esteem furious. As it should! As mention two sentences ago, more and more research is indicating that whether or not people are hierarchal or progressive in nature is biological. This is scary because it means people will never totally change. Honestly, we are seeing this bare itself out more and more in our society. Yet, that does not mean we can’t try to moderate it to get people into an agreeable, political middle ground when it comes to sensible outlooks on societal issues.

‘Stay in your lane’ voters are more likely to worship athletes, celebrities and other public figures at the expense of becoming their own significant person. They are usually the ones too cowardly to step out of a crowd in any given situation. Yet, they are the first to find something to be critical about toward those who do. They are also jealous deep down that they don’t have the talent or courage to be bold. Their way of seeing the world in an orderly and secularly preordained mode, involving set patterns; provides them an excuse to be a ‘wall flower.’ They usually manifest themselves in negative comments on public online platforms or radio ‘call in’ programming. If that ‘excuse’ they hold dear is bursted like a bubble by someone perceived of equal or lower social status they become disturbed and their homeostasis is scattered. This is one of the deep sociological reasons so many had a problem with Barak Obama being president for eight years. A person of color was not ‘staying in their lane.’ His presidency is one of the reasons why we are now seeing a resurgence in white nationalism. Along with what is a legitimate border problem with drugs and crime and of course what happened on 9/11 in 2021. Like anything, some of those feelings are valid, some are sin.

The personality mentioned above also manifests itself in anti environmental and anti labor sentiment. I personally, do not believe nature should ever be worshipped, but reasonably stewarded as a resource from God. We’ve become too extreme again on the matter from both ends. Yet, ‘stay in your lane’ types intentionally excuse degradation of God’s ordained natural resources in order to be spiteful against ‘rivals.’ Even if it means a greater risk for things like cancer on their part. All the while labeling perspectives that hold well monied corruption accountable as ‘socialism.’ Back in colonial times, these types fell into an imperialist mindset (i.e. thinking it was alright to conquer and colonize other parts of the world to strip native populations of their God ordained resources. Even today this perspective is still ruining societies in developing countries. Forget being a ‘liberal’ or progressive candidate! Even if you run as a sensible and Bush type ‘compassionate Republican’, these types of voters will attept to cause you problems. They hate change just for argument’s sake, are insecure, worthless and toxic. If you are decent, no matter what party you represent…………….view them as your greatest threat. Beat em ‘to the punch’ in the press. Call em’ out and mock em’ in public forum if they attack. Because, they are certainly coming for you. Just hope they are too busy worrying about what footbally player is marrying which ever supermodel. Or on some worthless Reddit rabbit hole hiding behind a pseudonym. Then again they are weak opponents tailor made for defeat with the slightest of effort.. You’ve just got to spot ’em first. They fear people who are their ‘own heroes.’ Be one! Step out and lead! Put ’em in their place………………….How’s that for a ‘social hierarchy?!

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