Why The Joke Is On All Of The Anti-Hollywood Culture Warriors

It’s assumed by conspiracy theory driven, jealous culture warriors that liberal Hollywood entertainers are sequestered in all ways from Donald Trump.  It stands to reason, after all, since politicians turned from entertainment; like Trump, now rage against entertainment based ‘liberalism’- they never rub elbows with those hated on society’s opposite bank.  Saturday Night Live, has historically taken swipes at both parties and all spectrums of society; even if its brand and individual parts slant progressive.  During a podcast I heard an former SNL talent relate how she was at a dinner with Melania Trump a few years back.  As the conversation peetered out into some other topic, her story crystalized a reality ‘anti Hollywood’ culture warriors never realize.

That being that although, most celebrities and Trump are not friendly, they still have met and know one another personally.  A relationship all of those ‘anti Disney’ types will never have with their beloved ‘savior.’   Pundits have even stated Trump would much rather be at a party with entertainment luminaries compared to rank and file sycophants who have ‘regular ole lives,’ unless it’s a campaign rally or fund raiser. After all, he considers himself ‘upper crust’, a celebrity in his own right.  He’d certainly choose that crowd over sitting down with an auto mechanic from ‘Mayberry’ U.S.A. who happens to own MAGA paraphanelia and a ‘punisher’ skull decal on his or her car window.  Why?!  Because he loves himself more than you!  He actually has disdain for you!

So when those ‘soldiers of tradition’ you vote for and fund don’t send you that dinner invitation you secretly fantasize about; someone you hate on t.v. may have it in your place!  Look at it this way……….you’ve still got all of those photos and symbols on your wall.  Who needs the real experience when you’ve got that?  I heard Saturday Night Live still writes jokes about all of those ‘anti-liberal entertainment warriors,’ who still haven’t learned they are much further away from their ‘savior’ than their perceived enemies are.


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