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Those Two Variables That Will Erode Society As We Know It -Election 2024
11 July 2024, 15:14
Up until the end of last week, my post apocalyptic debate view point was akin to any July Alabama day....
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Alzheimer's Association Update
02 July 2024, 15:57
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Update On Donations To Federal Candidates (A Report On Transparency)
02 July 2024, 15:29
Cory Booker (U.S. Senate) New Jersey Angela Alsobrooks (U.S. Senate) Maryland Biden Victory Fund
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Israel's Information War
28 June 2024, 11:04
Check out The Young Turks (TYT) Podcast on YouTube! Listen Here
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Smorgas(bored) AIPAC, Canvassing & Political Exhaustion
27 June 2024, 10:51
I mostly got away from writing entries since it made me ‘brain strain’ before sifting through...
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30 May 2024, 13:09
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30 May 2024, 13:08
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Compassionate Youthful Voters Are Becoming America's Most Hunted Game, It's A Damn Serious Problem
29 May 2024, 09:24
My birthday is today, May 29th. Most people love their birthday. Most of us cherish our birth month....
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